photo: Janita Vettenranta

photo: Janita Vettenranta

Antti Vettenranta

Helsinki based photographer. Currently working as a staff photographer at A-lehdet. 

Besides my work as a photographer, I´m also working on some personal projects. The main thing at the moment is my longterm documentary project called "12:34". It´s about my family and my own past; very personal project which probably is the most important work I´ve done as photographer so far. It will be published as a book in a few years. Meanwhile, you can see some photos here. 

Of course everything I do as a professional is based on digital, but my passion is in analog photography. I´ve used to be almost a camera collector, but recently sold excessive gear away. Mostly I shoot with my Leica M6 & Summicron 35 and Fuji GW690iii. I really love the whole process: shooting, developing films and finally making the prints with my own hands. Tonality, grain and feeling really are something that you couldn't achieve in digital world. 

Guitar playing and classic Italian scooters are my other hobbies. I own two Vespa Rally scooters from 1970 and 1971. I play electric guitar, mostly blues and other easy going stuff, but don't have a band at the moment. I listen to jazz very much, recently digging very much Django Reinhardt, Wes Montgomery and other old school jazz musicians. Maybe I´m a bit old school in many ways..

Btw, my "profile photo" is spontaneously set up at our own front yard, I dont drink and drive!